Welcome to Hanowood Homestay

Hanowood Homestay began operating in 2019, located in the Old French Quarter in the center of Hanoi. We always strive to bring a unique perspective of the Hanoi capital to tourists from all over the world.

Usually, tourists coming to Hanoi only know the old quarter with streets with very specific names such as Hang Ngang and Hang Dao. However, the center of Hanoi capital has many stylish neighborhoods that are classic, very “chill”, and romantic.

Hoi Tran Hung Dao Hamlet is one of such places, with old French houses that have a lifespan of up to hundreds of years, made of bricks, tile roofs, and iron wood floors… all of which seem to be colored by time.

Visitors coming here will feel as familiar as at home, but also very romantic and gentle, due to the neoclassical architecture.

Although the room space at Hanowood Homestay is not large, it is fully equipped, clean, and tidy, making you feel at home, and especially extremely quiet. It will be an ideal place to rest after a long journey.

Around Hanowood Homestay, there are also many restaurants with traditional “Hanoian” flavor. Additionally, there are plenty of convenience stores that fully meet your essential needs.

Book a room now and experience Hanowood; we are waiting for you!